Sacrifice (Italian Edition)

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  1. Giuseppe Mazzini | Italian revolutionary | Britannica
  2. Canada Remembers the Italian Campaign
  3. The Rhetoric of Violence and Sacrifice in Fascist Italy
  4. The journey begins

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Chess trap for black and Queen's sacrifice in the opening Italian game!

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Giuseppe Mazzini | Italian revolutionary | Britannica

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Canada Remembers the Italian Campaign

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Urban, 49 — Rivette , J. Saletti , C. Schwarz , G. Ritrovare se stessi. Fifty-eight Canadians drowned and vehicles and a number of guns were lost. The operation began in the early morning of July 10, when Canadian and British troops came ashore along a kilometre stretch of coastline near Pachino at the southern tip of Sicily. The Americans who also attacked that morning covered another 60 kilometres of the Sicilian coast. The assault was one of the largest seaborne operations in military history, involving nearly 3, Allied ships and landing craft.

The fighting in Sicily would last more than four weeks for the Canadians who would battle through hundreds of kilometres of difficult mountainous country.

The Rhetoric of Violence and Sacrifice in Fascist Italy

More than 2, Canadians became casualties, almost of which were fatal. Taking Sicily was important. It helped secure the Mediterranean Sea for Allied shipping and contributed to the downfall of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. The new Italian government surrendered to the Allies; however, the Germans were not prepared to lose Italy and seized control. The Allies came ashore in mainland Italy on September 3, After losing Sicily, however, Germany was determined to hold the Italian mainland.

To slow the Allied advance, the Germans took advantage of the mountainous landscape and turned the length of the Italian peninsula into a series of defensive positions which stretched from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Adriatic Sea.

The journey begins

These defensive lines were well protected with machine gun nests, barbed wire, land mines, and artillery positions. Canadians joined other Allied troops in what amounted to a painstaking crawl up the Italian mainland over poor roads and through challenging weather. One of the most difficult battles for the Canadian troops was the Battle of Ortona during the Christmas of Ortona was an ancient town of castles and stone buildings located on a ledge overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

Its narrow, rubble-filled streets limited the use of tanks and artillery. The Canadians liberated the town on December 28 after more than a week of struggle. Fighting in the Italian Campaign continued as the Allies made their way north through many German defensive positions.

Fighting continued into the spring of when the Germans finally surrendered. Canadian troops, however, did not participate in the final victory of the campaign. There they joined the Allied advance into the Netherlands and Germany to help finally end the war in Europe. Canadian casualties in the Italian Campaign totalled more than 26,, nearly 6, of which were fatal.

Most of the Canadians who died in Italy are buried in the many Commonwealth war cemeteries there, or are commemorated on the Cassino Memorial, located in the Cassino War Cemetery south of Rome.