Office Heat - Erotic Short Story for Women

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She was His for the taking. Right now I have another one in mind," He said, reaching his hand underneath and between her legs and inserting His fingers into her pussy, which was now leaking her cum and as wet as could be. Indeed He had never seen one wetter. It was time. Master Leon released her, stepped back, unbuckled his belt and undid his trousers.

They dropped to the floor. His boxers looked like a tent, with His mighty shaft the tent pole. He pulled them down next, exposing His fully hard, throbbing man meat. All the while He kept his gaze on His target. Janice was fresh meat, and now He intended to devour her. Leon leaned forward, placing His cock between her cheeks, extending onto her back. Leaning back, he traced the head of His cock along her crack, then underneath, right up to her glistening cunt. He knew the next part could cause more noise than He cared for, even though the day was nearly over and many were leaving the office.

So He reached across to her mouth, covering it with one hand, placed the other hand on her hip, and dove into her swampy pussy with His African breeding stick. He felt a wave of pleasure as her warm pussy engulfed His rock hard cock. He only went half way in so as not to overwhelm her any more than she was already. He stroked her short brown hair repeatedly as one does a pet animal such as a dog or cat. As Master Leon well knew, this reassures and comforts livestock, letting it know that it is in trusted, loving hands.

Sure enough, in His expert control, Janice relaxed once again. Now you are adjusting to serving Me. This time she only squealed into his hand. Do you understand? After a moment Janice, through a haze of pleasure, answered, "Yes. She will be so easily trained.

Fire Escape - Red Hot Erotic Fiction

With that he began thrusting out and back into her dripping cunt. When she grunted, He slowed down and reminded her, "Quiet!

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I want you to only hear My voice," before picking up the pace again. It was all Janice could do to keep from yelling out in ecstasy but she controlled herself, letting only tiny gasps escape. Master Leon coached her with praise all along the way. He leaned down to her ear and whispered:.

He gave her a moment to compose herself. She was after all getting the fucking of a lifetime, and maybe her first fucking at all! Through her heavy panting she managed:. Master Leon began fucking her again with long, deep strokes. Damn right!

I own that pussy. Got that? Say it.

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    Office Heat – Erotic Short Story for Women ebook by Rose Boyd

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